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Hi! I help C-level executives,  managers, and founders in growing their business.

As a Business Consultant & Advisor I provide value in the areas of  strategy, management, IT solutions, product, sales & marketing. I am a “Swiss Army Knife” with 20+ years of experience in IT/digital/tech of connecting business and technology. I worked as a CEO, Chief Growth Officer, Sales & Marketing Director, Digital Transformation Consultant, and Digital Strategy Director.

Paul Montwill Strategy Consultant

I worked with great people & brands

I had a please to offer my services to startups, SaaS solutions, and enterprise clients, including RR Donnelley (Fortune 500), Everton Football Club, Manchester Evening News, T-Mobile, Volkswagen Group, BNP Paribas, Oriflame, NCPlus, Puccini, Wolt, and Allegro Group.

Strategy consulting

“The Winning Strategies” – Let’s put your company to the next level based on your strong points!

I can help you in building a new strategy for your company in the areas of sales & marketing, product, management, and processes. The market is changing, so let’s redefine your business to get the best match with the market. Working with an external consultant is the best way to look at your potential from outside.

  • I first ask you why you want to build a new strategy and what is your Most Important Number (MIN) to achieve – revenue, EBITDA, number of people on board, product margin, MRR, etc.,
  • I take what is best in your company – product, clients, teams, resources – and we build together the perfect strategy to achieve new goals,
  • We analyse where is the best timing on the market with your offer to maximise your potential,
  • I prepare a full strategy document for your next 6-24 months to grow,
  • In the end, we create an action plan for other months to execute the strategy.

Selected products of strategy consulting: Short- and long-term goals, Start with Why, SWOT, Unique Selling Points (USP), Product Redefined, Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), Customer Journeys, Sales & Marketing tools, and techniques, an Action plan with KPI & metrics.

What are some success metrics used in Sales & Marketing? % of Sales Qualified Leads, The average time to close a deal, An average deal value, Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), E-mail open rates, Click Through Rates, % of leads generated by channel.

Sales & Marketing consulting

A synergy of sales & marketing is crucial to growing the business. It is one team.

Companies to thrive require predictable revenue growth that starts with a predictable number of new leads generated by your: sales representatives, online campaigns, partners, events, and networking.

  • Lead generation tools and techniques: Linkedin Sales Navigator, Apollo, etc.,
  • Which channels work best for you,
  • Content marketing,
  • Sales tools: CRM,
  • Sales book & processes,
  • Top sales team,
  • Unique Sales Techniques, like “Case studies-driven sales.”

IT Consulting & Digital Transformation

I will guide you through a complex process of implementing IT solutions.

I will help you in building your list of requirements, choosing the right vendors, setting up integrations, and organising the project inside of your company.

I will show you everything you need to know when implementing IT solutions to succeed. Technology is just a part of it. People (clients, users, employees) and Organisation (process, business model, market) are more important.

You may need a new system, like:

  • ChatGPT and AI solutions,
  • Dedicated software.
  • On-line or Mobile Applications,
  • E-commerce,
  • Customer Relation Management software (CRM),
  • Marketing Automation,
  • Customer Data Platform (CDP),
  • Content Management System (CMS),
  • Digital Asset Management (DAM),
  • Data Science platforms.

Things to take into consideration when implementing an IT solution: budget, trusted vendor, your project owner, list of requirements and a roadmap, systems to integrate with, project implementation model (Agile, Kanban, Waterfall), communication in the project, training of your team, successful adoption of the software among users, further development, SLA & maintenance.

“If you could improve your business by 1% each day for an entire year, your company would end up 37 times better at the end of the year.”

Atomic Habits


My clients’ references confirm the value I bring to organisations

It was great to work with Paul as he has deep understanding of e-commerce business and is focused on providing quick results. His enthusiasm and communication skills build positive atmosphere in the team and encourages everyone to maximise their effort. He has wide range of skills - from digital media strategy to on-line marketing best practices.

Tomasz KarwatkaCo-Founder at Catch the Tornado, Investor

Paul offers high level of consultancy skills - great understanding of client's goals, ability to find dedicated solutions to solve problems and experience gained over the years to provide answers that business people are looking for. He is an open-minded guy always learning new things and excelling

Peter WyspianskiVP of Growth Marketing, Rue Gilt Groupe

I have been working with Paul since 2011, taking advantage of his broad expertise in digital media - from market research to projects implementations & trainings. He's been a vital help for us in multinational projects for major brands.

Maciej TraczykManaging Director CE, Rhapsody Media

Paul's strategic and organisational skills are truly commendable. He has adeptly rebuilt our strategy, sales and marketing, and recruitment processes, resulting in remarkable improvements across the board. Furthermore, I emphasise Paul's achievement of establishing a strategic partnership with a Scandinavian company. This partnership has provided us with invaluable opportunities for collaboration and expansion, further solidifying our market position.

Michal KlemczakChief Technology Officer, Magnetic Point

Paul is goal-oriented, creative along with valuable strategic perspective. His knowledge in e-commerce, sales and marketing technologies (CMS, CRM, marketing automation, search) makes him an inspirational partner to work with. He is also a great public speaker, both off-line (seminars / workshops) and on-line (webinars).

Kacper SkoczylasHead of Sales & Marketing _Stores, cyber_Folks

Working with Paul was always a pleasure, as his positive attitude and enthusiasm were contagious. He had a remarkable ability to build strong relationships with clients, and his communication skills were second to none. He was always willing to go above and beyond to ensure that our clients were satisfied with the solutions we provided.

Piotr WawerGlobal Sales & Marketing Operations Lead, Squiz

I am a problem solver for your company! The "Fixer".

About me

I am the right person if you are looking for an experienced Manager and Business Consultant that can help you in growing your business.

Specialisation: Strategy & Business Growth (Sales, Marketing, Product)
Clients: IT/tech companies, marketing agencies, SaaS solutions etc.
Strong areas: strategy, communication, people, coordination, coaching, and mentoring
Type of work: projects & regular advisory
Success Metrics: higher revenue, EBITDA, more people on board, improved product margins, higher MRR, etc.
Tools: I usually offer 3-12 months of cooperation through workshops, training, tools, expertise, weekly support in operations, mentoring & coaching of people, and strategic advisory.

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20+ years experience

I worked as a CEO, Chief Growth Officer, Sales & Marketing Director, Digital Transformation Consultant etc.

40 consulting projects

Over 40 projects for small business, start-ups, SaaS companies and corporate clients.

14 countries

I worked in the UK for 3,5 years and cooperated with clients from 14 countries in Europe, Asia and the US.

€4M revenue

I was a Sales Director managed omni-channel sales with €4M revenue per year (E-commerce, Call Center, Partners, POS).


I sold IT solutions, including CRM, CMS, E-commerce, Dedicated software, and developers' outsourcing with deals up to €500k.

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